4 People
1 pack of AIA Carnealfuoco Snacks
250 g of eggplant
200 g of red pepper
60 g of celery
200 g of ramati tomatoes
20 g of salted capers
20 g of sugar
2 tablespoons of white vinegar
Seed oil for frying
1 onion
Extra virgin olive oil


Skewers are ideal when the weather allows for dining or lunching outdoors. The meat cut into small pieces will cook very quickly and will allow you to bring a very tasty main course to the table that children will also love. Accompany the skewers with a sweet and sour caponata and your lunch will have all the flavor of holidays and summer.



To prepare the skewers with caponata first of all cut the pepper and eggplant into cubes and fry them separately in seed oil.


Then slice the onion and wilt it in a pan with 20 ml of olive oil, when it has taken color add the celery cut into pieces and the tomatoes cut into cubes. Cook for 5 minutes and then add the fried peppers and eggplants.


Mix everything well and season with sugar, vinegar and capers that you have desalted. Cook for another 5 minutes, adjust the salt and add the basil broken with your hands.


Halfway through the caponata cooking you can start to cook the Aia snacks in a pan or on the barbecue if you have space in the garden. It will only take a few minutes and you can serve the skewers accompanied by the caponata both hot on the table.

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Don't forget to serve with fresh bread of the day or toasted on the grill or on a non-stick pan.

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