4 People
8 slices of sandwich bread
1 pack of chicken slices
2 zucchini
A handful of Green salad (like iceberg)
200 g of Greek yogurt
1 bunch of fresh chives
10 mint leaves
Extra virgin olive oil


There is nothing lighter and fresher than a sandwich with chicken and light sauce!

This recipe is particularly suitable to have on hand a snack for your trips out of town and days at the sea or in the mountains, or it could be one of the dishes prepared to set up a tasty refreshment in the garden.

The light sandwiches are the ideal dish for those who follow a healthy and genuine diet, but also for those who indulge in a light snack outside meals.

To prepare the sandwich with chicken and light sauce, discover the complete recipe here!



Heat a non-stick pan without adding condiments. In the meantime, cut the chicken slices into thin strips: the thinner they are, the easier it will be to bite into the light sandwich when it is ready. 


When the pan is hot, cook the chicken slices, salt them and cook them. To avoid the chicken breast being cooked outside and raw inside, during cooking pour a stream of warm water: in this way you will avoid adding fats to the cooking and at the same time you will ensure a well cooked and tender chicken breast.


When the chicken is well cooked, let it rest and wait until it is cold. While the chicken cools, cut the zucchini into thin slices and cook them on a grill for a few minutes: for those who are always in a hurry, you can take the already grilled zucchini that you find at the supermarket. Just be careful not to take excessively seasoned zucchini if you want your sandwich to be light. Once you have finished grilling the zucchini, you can move on to preparing the sauce.


Take the yogurt, pour it into a bowl and finely chop the chives and mint. Add the chopped herbs to the yogurt sauce and flavor it with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. Carefully mix the sauce until the oil is perfectly incorporated into the yogurt. Then, to taste, add a grind of fresh pepper.


Wash the salad leaves well and dry them. At this point, you are ready to assemble your light sandwich. Spread a teaspoon of yogurt sauce on the bread and then lay the salad leaves. 


Add the chicken, which you will have lightly salted, and add a few drops of yogurt sauce. Cover with two slices of zucchini, spread a little more sauce on the other slice of bread and close the sandwich.

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The yogurt sauce is a light and very summer sauce, which can be used to flavor many dishes, but it is really ideal to give your light sandwich a touch of extra flavor. If you prefer a more delicious sandwich, add mayonnaise

As for the bread, you can of course choose whether to have soft bread, as the original sandwich recipe wants, or whether to add a touch of crunchiness, heating the bread or the sandwich bread for a few minutes.

If the sandwiches are intended for a buffet you can decorate them with a cherry tomato or with an olive.

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