4 People
1 large whole egg
230 ml of sunflower seed oil
15 g of lemon juice (or vinegar)
4 g of salt


One of the fastest recipes ever to prepare homemade mayonnaise is the one that includes the use of a hand blender: in a minute and with very little effort you will have one of the most loved sauces ever ready!

Making homemade sauces can really give a great satisfaction and allows us to taste the real flavor of foods that, bought already made, are not so genuine and tasty. In addition to mayonnaise, you can also make ketchup with a hand blender: here's how following this recipe!

Homemade mayonnaise is indispensable for many, but the risk of incurring the so-called "crazy mayonnaise" is a real deterrent for all those who do not feel like wizards in the kitchen. The main reasons why a mayonnaise goes crazy are three:

- because the amount of oil is excessive;
- our wrist is not energetic enough in the arduous task of beating the sauce;
- because cold yolks are mistakenly used, just taken from the refrigerator: it is better to use lukewarm eggs, removing them in time from the refrigerator.

In any case, if the mayonnaise should go crazy, find out here how you can remedy!

To prepare the mayonnaise we also recommend using AIA Bio Vita Fresh Eggs or AIA Pastagialla Eggs, in this way your mayonnaise will have an even more intense color!

All these risks, however, decrease drastically if you decide to prepare the mayonnaise with a hand blender.

To be able to prepare a perfect homemade mayonnaise at the first shot, just arm yourself with a hand blender and follow these simple tips:

- the oil must be fresh from the refrigerator;
- two hours before preparing the mayonnaise, also put the blades of the hand blender to cool;
- be careful not to break the yolk!

If you keep all these suggestions in mind, in a few seconds you will certainly be satisfied for having succeeded in something you thought was impossible, enjoying in addition a genuine product without preservatives: a perfect homemade mayonnaise!

So here, in a few steps, the super fast recipe for mayonnaise with a hand blender!



Put all the ingredients in the mixer container in this order: egg, oil, lemon (or vinegar) and salt.


Completely immerse the hand blender in the jug; it is important to touch the bottom. Operate at maximum speed and remain still, in this position, until the sauce becomes clear and thick just like the bought mayonnaise (7-8 seconds).


At this point you will see that, under the oil, the mayonnaise begins to take shape and mount: start to raise and lower the hand blender until the mayonnaise has mounted and thickened.
In about 40 seconds you will have a splendid homemade mayonnaise!

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