4 People
1 pack of AIA chicken drumsticks
80 g of AIA bacon slices
80 g of smoked scamorza cheese cut into cubes
Extra virgin olive oil
Sage to taste
Half a glass of still white wine
Rosemary to taste


AIA suggests an easy and original recipe to cook chicken drumsticks and serve them in a new way: stuffed chicken thighs. Really simple to make, this preparation is perfect to be served on a Sunday lunch, a dinner with friends and, without the addition of wine, even to the little ones who will adore it.

The tasty stuffing of bacon and scamorza makes these stuffed chicken thighs even more flavorful. Serve the stuffed chicken thighs with a side of french fries, vegetable chips or rich salads for a complete and even more delicious dish.

Discover the easy and quick recipe of stuffed chicken thighs!



First of all, transfer the AIA bacon slices into the mixer glass, add some sage, rosemary and chop well. Now debone the AIA chicken drumsticks: with a sharp knife cut the chicken drumsticks around the base of the bone so as to sever the ligaments and tendons.


Pass the knife between the bone and the meat on the opposite side until you go deep and detach the bone that you will then remove. Now stuff the chicken drumsticks with the bacon mixture to which you will add some cubes of smoked scamorza cheese. Repeat the same operation with all the chicken drumsticks. 


Tie the chicken thighs with kitchen string and brown them in a non-stick pan together with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, deglazing with half a glass of red wine. Cook evenly on all sides until completely golden. Adjust the salt and cook for another 30 minutes on low heat and with the lid on.

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