4 People
2 packs of Baked Turkey Breast aeQuilibrium AIA
4 sheets of filo pastry
One large carrot
100 g of bean sprouts
250 g of lettuce
100 g of soy sauce
A tablespoon of honey
Extra virgin olive oil
A clove of garlic
A spring onion


The spring rolls are among the great classics of Chinese cuisine and, if you loved them at the restaurant, you absolutely must try to make them at home.

You will discover a whole new flavor, richer and more delicate that will make you want to prepare them for every special occasion. The spring rolls with baked turkey breast are indeed really easy and quick to prepare and will be the undisputed protagonists of appetizers and dinners with the scents of the East. Serve them for an aperitif with friends, surprise your relatives by preparing an unusual Sunday lunch with an oriental theme: you will conquer everyone's palate.



Start preparing the spring rolls with baked turkey breast by cutting the carrots, the lettuce and the baked turkey breast aeQuilibrium AIA into thin strips.


To cut the vegetables in a really impeccable way and saving a lot of time, use the mandolin: in this way you will be sure that all the vegetables will be cooked and you will not find crunchier or softer parts inside the spring rolls.


In a wok or in a high-sided non-stick pan, brown the garlic clove (to eliminate the bad smell that garlic leaves on your hands, follow this little advice) in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil then remove it and saute all the vegetables adding the soy sauce and honey.


After a few minutes, turn off the heat and add the baked turkey breast aeQuilibrium AIA, then let everything cool down.


In the meantime, cut the filo pastry into 10 cm squares on each side, insert the filling in the central part and close the spring rolls on themselves making sure that the edges are well closed.


With a brush remember to brush the surface of the pastry, in order to obtain perfectly golden spring rolls.


Bake the spring rolls at 200°C until they have become golden and crispy.


In the meantime, prepare the sauce: heat the chili slices in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, add the diced tomato, vinegar and sugar and let it cook until you have obtained the right density.


Serve the baked spring rolls with aeQuilibrium AIA turkey breast very hot and accompany them with the sweet and sour sauce.

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