4 People
5 kg of pork ribs


Grilled meat marinated in beer is something divine, if you have never tried it you absolutely must. You will get a slightly bitter flavor with a really delicious alcoholic aftertaste.

Spicy pork ribs will become your main dish for all outdoor occasions: from family picnics, to parties with many friends based on grilling. Your guests will lick their fingers and children will ask you to eat spicy pork ribs every day.

The preparation of the spicy pork ribs is long, but does not require special skills except the organizational one.



To prepare the spicy pork ribs first prepare the marinade: clean a lemon well and remove the peel, being careful not to cut off the white part.


Reduce the peel into the smallest possible pieces and mix them with the chopped chillies, the garlic cut into pieces, the chopped parsley and the peeled ginger reduced into small pieces. Mix everything with a wooden spoon then pour the beer and work again.


Insert the freshly grated pepper, the soy sauce and the worchestershire and mix again. Blend everything well and immerse the meat in this marinade distributing it well on all sides.


Let rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Cook the ribs on the grill for about 40 minutes brushing occasionally with oil flavored with chili pepper.

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