4 People
4 packs of AIA Classic Rustic Skewers
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
The juice of half a lemon
thyme to taste
A clove of garlic
Salt and pepper


The grill is not the only cooking method effective for preparing excellent meat skewers: have you ever tried cooking them in the oven?

The oven-baked meat skewers are among the most appreciated recipes, especially when it comes to organizing a gathering with friends, even decided at the last minute. Ideal for lunches and informal dinners, in fact, the oven-baked meat skewers are easy to prepare and, once seated at the table, they please everyone!

The secret of the recipe for oven-baked meat skewers is only one: the right cooking time. This factor, in fact, determines the perfect external browning of the meat and enhances the softness and internal juiciness, giving life to a real delicacy. For normal-sized meat skewers, the perfect oven cooking time is around 20-25 minutes: a lot, however, depends on the oven.

Furthermore, compared to pan-fried meat skewers, those in the oven are easier to prepare because they never have to be turned and, while they are cooking, you can dedicate yourself to other activities such as, for example, setting the table or preparing a small aperitif for your guests.

So here's how to make delicious oven-baked meat skewers that will make all the barbecue masters envious: follow our advice and our recipe!



Before cooking: tips

As with all meat-based recipes, even for oven-baked meat skewers a brief and light marinade is necessary, which will make your recipe even more aromatic and the meat very tender.

You can make the marinade for the AIA Classic Rustic Skewers with 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of a lemon, a pinch of salt and fresh ground black pepper. If you want to get an even lighter marinade, instead, you can eliminate the salt and use in its place aromatic herbs (here the complete guide on how and which to choose) with a strong flavor, like rosemary, sage and thyme.

Finally, for a more appealing flavor, add to the marinade you have chosen a crushed clove of garlic and mix until you get a dense emulsion.

Pour the marinade on the meat, cover everything with film and let it flavor in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before proceeding with cooking.



Oven cooking

Once the meat has been flavored to perfection, thanks to the marinade you have chosen, you can move on to oven cooking.

Drain the meat from the marinade, skewer the chunks on the skewers and brush them with a little raw extra virgin olive oil. Place the skewers on a tray lined with baking paper and bake your meat skewers in the preheated oven at 180°C for 20/25 minutes.

After this time, remove a skewer from the oven and incise it slightly with a knife, in order to check its real heart cooking.

When they are cooked, arrange the oven-baked meat skewers on a nice serving dish and sprinkle them with their own gravy or with a few tablespoons of marinade set aside.

Oven-baked meat skewers

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