4 People
8 Classic rustic AIA skewers
2 yellow potatoes
4 purple potatoes
300 gr of pumpkin
2 zucchini
seed oil


How to bring originality, color and taste to the table? Simple with the skewers with colored chips, delicious to taste on the occasion of outdoor barbecues with friends together with a glass of very fresh beer. This is an inviting dish that plays on the contrast of textures and colors and in which the softness and succulence of the meat meet the crunchiness of the colored chips. Cook the skewers with colored chips on the occasion of a lunch or a dinner in the garden, a cocktail party or a aperitif with friends and delight everyone with this very original preparation and unmistakable taste. To make the skewers with colored chips even more tasty, pair them with homemade mayonnaise, a barbecue sauce or one based on avocado.

Here is the complete recipe for skewers with colored chips!