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8 Classic Rustic Skewers from Aia Family
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When you decide to challenge the heat and organize a barbecue with friends or family, don't miss out on some accompanying sauces. Especially those spicy ones prepared with paprika. The spiciness pairs perfectly with the roasted meat and with some toasted bread to accompany your skewers, the most delicious dish will be served without difficulty.

For example, preparing paprika skewers is easier said than done.



Put the skewers to cook on the grill or on a non-stick plate and turn them often, so that the cooking is even. 


When the skewers are almost ready, also start toasting the bread. 


While the meat is cooking, in a small bowl mix the vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika


Bring the paprika sauce to the table with a teaspoon or a sprig of rosemary that you will use to brush the skewers.  

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Don't forget a seasonal salad for a complete and delicious lunch.

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