4 People
1 Classic BonRoll
4 fresh artichokes
4 eggs
150 g of flour
Seed oil for frying


The recipe for BonRoll with crispy artichokes will delight your guests at the tables of important occasions, but not only.

Bring the BonRoll with crispy artichokes also for a simple dinner with friends organized at the last minute or on Sunday lunch from the mother-in-law, you will make a great impression!

Here is the complete recipe.



To prepare the BonRoll with crispy artichokes first of all pour a little oil and a glass of water or white wine into a baking dish, then place the BonRoll in it and cook it in the already hot oven at 180°C for 70 minutes, covering it for the first 50 minutes.


In the meantime clean the artichokes by cutting off the tips and cleaning the stem. Keep only 10 cm and with a knife remove the outer fibrous part.


Cut the artichokes into 4 parts for the long side, remove the central beard, flour them and pass them in the beaten egg.


Fry the artichokes in plenty of boiling seed oil until they are well golden and crispy. Drain the artichokes and arrange them for 1 minute on a sheet of absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.
Serve the BonRoll with crispy artichokes very hot.

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Want to try the BonRoll for an aperitif? Good: cut it into squares and skewer each piece, alternating BonRoll and crispy artichokes. Serve it as finger food, your guests will go crazy!

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