4 People
1 Classic AIA BonRoll
6 Tropea red onions
300 g of Taggia olives
150 g of pine nuts
150 g of capers
40 red cherry tomatoes
40 yellow cherry tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Sugar to taste


With its warm and vibrant colors and its intense flavors, Southern Italy has always been synonymous with liveliness and creativity, a character that is also found in the kitchen through the creation of original and colorful recipes. Just like the table, richly set, the dishes are filled with intense tastes and very tasty dishes, vibrant colors and inviting aromas.

The recipe for BonRoll with caramelized onions, capers and olives is a real triumph of Mediterranean flavors and intense aromas, which you can't wait to prepare on various occasions.

If you are expecting guests for dinner and want to delight them with a complete dish full of nuances and colors, the BonRoll with caramelized onions, capers and olives will be the right choice to amaze all the diners. This recipe is suitable for both formal occasions for demanding and refined guests, and for a dinner with friends where the atmosphere will be more informal and relaxed, and finally if you want to delight your sweetheart with a romantic dinner by candlelight.

If you too prefer the taste of experimentation to tradition and in the kitchen you are always ready to look for new innovative combinations to bake very original recipes to bring to the table, what is right for you is the BonRoll with caramelized onions, capers and olives!

Creativity is what distinguishes this dish in which the Classic AIA BonRoll is cooked in a pan in slices together with a drizzle of oil, so that even if you have invited guests for dinner at the last minute, you don't have to do somersaults but have in a very short time the possibility to bring a complete and truly unique dish to the table.

The Classic AIA BonRoll is served in slices, laid on a bed of caramelized onions, Taggiasca olives, toasted pine nuts, capers and cherry tomatoes: a real mix of taste and new flavors.

The BonRoll with caramelized onions, capers and olives is a simple dish to prepare that will allow you to bring a classic of Italian cuisine revisited in an innovative way to the table.

Here is the complete recipe to prepare a delicious BonRoll with caramelized onions, capers and olives!



Cut the Classic AIA BonRoll and then cook the slices in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for about 15 minutes. In a pan put the roughly cut onions, add the sugar, water and cook over low heat until they are soft.


A few minutes before cooking, add the olives and desalted capers to the BonRoll. Toast the pine nuts in a pan, cut the cherry tomatoes and serve the BonRoll in slices with all the vegetables.

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