Dindarella Turkey

Christmas Dindarella Turkey, well-shaped, without legs, neck and head, completely eviscerated.

Celebrate with AIA and cook the Dindarella Turkey like this:


- 1 AIA turkey
- 150g of lean bacon in thin slices
- 60g of butter
- 3 tablespoons of oil
- salt
- ground pepper
- some sage and bay leaves
- 3 ripe pomegranates

Wrap the turkey with the bacon slices, tying them so they do not come off during cooking, then place it in a pan with butter, oil, salt, pepper and a sage and bay leaf. Bake at 190° and let it cook for 2 hours, occasionally basting with the seasoning that will form in the pan.
Halfway through cooking, pour the juice of two pomegranates over the AIA turkey. Once cooked, cut it into pieces and arrange them on a heated serving tray, pouring the cooking sauce over it.
Garnish with the third pomegranate and serve immediately while hot.

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