1 People
2 slices of Turkey Breast aeQuilibrium
A slice of rye bread
Dried fruit (walnuts
pine nuts)
A pot of Greek yogurt
2 sachets of saffron
Extra virgin olive oil
An orange
A lemon
Flaky salt


Delicious and really simple to prepare, aeQuilibrium on rye bread with dried fruit with yogurt and saffron sauce with citrus is the perfect recipe for a gourmet appetizer to serve during a dinner with friends.

This recipe is also perfectly suited to be the appetizer for a aperitif in the garden or at home with friends, especially if accompanied by a non-alcoholic drink made by you or a refreshing fruit cocktail. The strong and rustic flavor of rye bread is harmoniously balanced both by the delicacy of the turkey, and by the yogurt sauce and the sweetness of the citrus. The flaky salt gives crunchiness, while the aromatic herbs give a fragrant touch to the dish. Preparing it is really easy and fun and success is guaranteed.

So here is the recipe for aeQuilibrium on rye bread with dried fruit with yogurt and saffron sauce with citrus!



Slice the rye bread. Then roughly chop the dried fruit and place it on the bread, applying a slight pressure with your hands.


In a bowl put the Greek yogurt and season with salt and saffron. Pass the yogurt in the mixer, adding olive oil in a thin stream, until you get a smooth and velvety cream.


Peel the untreated lemon and orange and get whole segments free of white filaments. Place the rye bread on the plate, cover with the saffron yogurt sauce. Place the slice of turkey breast and garnish with citrus segments, flaky salt, a drizzle of raw oil, fennel and dill.

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