4 People
1 pack of chicken livers
2 large blonde onions
30 g of butter
Extra virgin olive oil


From the classic traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, over time creative preparations have been born that are as good as those of grandmothers. This is the case with Venetian-style chicken livers, quick to prepare and ideal for both a dinner with friends and a more formal lunch for demanding palates.

If you love strong flavors, chicken livers Venetian-style will be perfect! Preparing them is simple, here's how to do it! Slice the onions very finely and brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a knob of butter. Let the onions wilt over low heat and stir them occasionally to prevent them from sticking to the pan.



Cut the chicken livers into pieces and, when the onions have wilted, add them to the pan. Season with salt and pepper.


 Brown the livers until they are cooked and sprinkle them with a very fine chop of fresh parsley.

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