4 People
A pack of livers
2 eggs
200 g of breadcrumbs
1 kg of broccoli
1 potato
Oil for frying
Extra virgin olive oil


The breaded livers with broccoli puree are a delicious main course suitable for the whole family.

The idea of eating a cutlet with a puree, will also encourage children to try this dish a bit unusual and, of course, it will be a way to make them eat vegetables!

The recipe is easy to prepare: the livers in fact do not require long cooking times. Here's how to do it!



Take the eggs and beat them in a bowl, then dip the livers and leave them to soak for about 5 minutes


After this time, drain them from the beaten egg and pass them in the breadcrumbs, pressing with the fingertips so that the breading adheres well. Then set the breaded livers aside.


Now dedicate yourself to the broccoli puree. Clean the broccoli, cut them into florets and boil them in slightly salted boiling water until they are soft. Along with the broccoli, boil a peeled potato. Drain the vegetables and transfer everything to the blender glass, add the oil in a thin stream and blend until you get a thick puree and velvety that you will flavor with pepper and other spices to taste.


Heat the oil for frying in a high-sided pan and fry the livers until they are crispy and amber.

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