4 People
A package of AIA Turkey Roast
4 tablespoons of tuna sauce
2 potatoes
2 carrots
100 g of celeriac
100 g of peas
Extra virgin olive oil as needed.
Salt and pepper


The tuna turkey salad is a really tasty recipe, an original cross between the Russian tuna salad and the classic chicken salad.

Easy to make and perfect to bring to the table as a unique cold dish, especially in summer, the tuna turkey salad combines the unique taste of the AIA Turkey Roast with the gentle flavor of steamed vegetables and tuna sauce. An ideal mix, to try in the lunchbox for a light lunch at the office or for a fun picnic in the park, but also to propose as an appetizer at a dinner with friends or to enrich a buffet aperitif.

In the recipe of the tuna turkey salad, we used vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and peas, but you can decide to use those you prefer: the important thing is always to follow the seasonality of the ingredients, in order to obtain the maximum taste from each preparation.

Here is everything you need to get to make the recipe of the tuna turkey salad and the procedure to follow.



To make the tuna turkey salad, start by preparing the various vegetables.


Wash the potatoes, carrots and celeriac under plenty of fresh water, then peel and dice; also rinse the peas and set them aside.


Then start cooking all the steamed vegetables, separately in the appropriate steamer and without adding salt, or even in the pressure cooker (if you have less time available).


If you have chosen the first method, with the steamer, here are the cooking times for each ingredient: 20 minutes for the potatoes and celeriac, 7 minutes for the carrots and 5 minutes for the peas. In the pressure cooker, instead, calculate 8 minutes for the celeriac, 5 minutes for the potatoes, 4 minutes for the carrots and 3 minutes for the peas.


Once all the vegetables are ready, transfer them to a large bowl, lightly oil, salt, pepper and mix well.


Now take care of the turkey: take the AIA Turkey Roast and sauté it in a pan for 5 minutes with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, stirring often. As soon as it is ready, let it cool and then add it to the bowl with the vegetables.


Now only the final touch is missing, namely the tuna sauce: if you want to prepare it at home, follow our procedure that you find here, otherwise use a ready-made one.


Take 4 generous tablespoons and add them to the bowl, mix very well to amalgamate all the ingredients and serve!

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The tuna turkey salad can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days, better if in a closed container with a lid or with film.

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