4 People
4 AIA Turkey Drumsticks
80 g of acacia honey
120 g of potatoes
120 g of carrots
50 g of butter
5 g of bouillon cube
1 clove of garlic with skin
Extra virgin olive oil
1 sprig of rosemary
Fine salt
Coarse salt


Put some turkey drumsticks on the table and everyone will adore you. Roasted and glazed with acacia honey, they will win over the palate of your guests who will want seconds.



In a pan with some oil, brown the turkey drumsticks with the rosemary, garlic and butter.


Keep the heat low, adding a piece of bouillon cube and pouring the cooking juices over the drumsticks every 5 minutes.


The cooking will take about 45 minutes, after which glaze the drumsticks with the honey and bake to caramelize the surface, turning on the oven's top element.


Separately, wash the carrots and peel the potatoes and boil them separately. When both are cooked, mash them and form quenelles with two spoons. You will use these as a decoration for the dish along with a sprig of rosemary.

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