2 People
A pack of AIA Chicken Thighs
A bottle of tomato sauce
Some sage leaves
Some basil leaves
Black pepper
A clove of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil as needed


A main course that becomes the fundamental dish for a Sunday lunch, or for a dinner with friends. The chicken thighs with tomato, sage and basil, are a simple and essential recipe, but at the same time full of ingredients capable of making it special and absolutely original and tasty.

Prepare it to convince everyone, young and old, use the AIA Chicken Thighs: tender and able to perfectly match with the full-bodied tomato and the vitality of sage and basil. Here's how to make it.



In a non-stick pan, heat the extra virgin olive oil on a low flame and brown a clove of garlic in it. Once the garlic clove is colored, add the AIA Chicken Thighs and some sage leaves to the pan.


Cook the chicken for about ten minutes, making sure to turn it from time to time to get the right consistency on all sides. At this point also add the tomato sauce and adjust with salt and pepper, according to your taste.


Cook the chicken further for another ten minutes - using a fork to better understand the consistency you want - and serve.

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