4 People
400g of AIA Chicken Salad
2 red onions from Tropea
4 potatoes
2 red peppers
1 fresh chili pepper
extra virgin olive oil


Aia's Chicken Salad is simply brilliant! The chicken is already cooked and cut into pieces, just waiting to be used for your most imaginative and quick dishes. Together with peppers and potatoes, the chicken strips take on the flavors of Calabria and become an irresistible second course.



To prepare the chicken strips with the scent of Calabria, start by boiling some water and in the meantime peel the potatoes and cut them into half a centimeter slices. When the water starts to boil, blanch the potatoes for about a minute, then drain them and set them aside.


Slice the onion into thin slices and let them wilt in a pan with a drizzle of EVO oil, after which add the red pepper, cleaned and cut into not too large pieces. Add a pinch of chili pepper and add the chicken strips and after a couple of minutes the potatoes.


The cooking will take about ten minutes, the time necessary for the potatoes to cook perfectly. Once the cooking is finished, serve on a serving dish and accompany with a full-bodied red wine.

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