4 People
1 Rabbit
3 cloves of garlic
Bay leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
100 ml of white wine


The baked rabbit is a very simple recipe to make and with a guaranteed result. Rabbit meat is among the lean meats: delicate and valuable, this meat lends itself to many recipes. That of the baked rabbit is one of the easiest: you will simply have to remember from time to time to turn the rabbit to ensure a good cooking of the meat.

The baked rabbit is really perfect for Sunday lunch or for big occasions: with the genuineness and simplicity of its flavors, it conquers everyone's palate. To accompany the rabbit you can of course prepare classic baked potatoes, or mixed baked vegetables or a green salad: this dish really goes with everything. In the colder months, you can accompany the rabbit with a enveloping mashed potatoes or with an inviting polenta

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Bring the oven to temperature by preheating it to 180°C. Then take a baking dish, pour a drizzle of oil into it and lay the rabbit meat on it.


Put a drizzle of oil, the aromatic herbs and the cleaned garlic cloves on top of the rabbit. Finally add salt and peppercorns.


Cover the meat with the white wine and put it in the oven when it is well heated. During the cooking of the baked rabbit, check often and turn the meat: in this way you will be able to obtain a meat cooked evenly.


Serve the rabbit at the table directly in the cooking dish or transfer it to a nice serving dish. 

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If you want your baked rabbit to have a crispy outer crust, raise the oven temperature during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

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