4 People
4 AIA Wudy
Soy Sauce
½ glass of Mirin
1 shot of Sake
1 tablespoon of white sugar
2 teaspoons of light honey
White Sesame
Black Sesame
Wasabi paste
½ teaspoon of Cornstarch
Sliced Ginger (the one for sushi)


If sushi is your passion and, at the table, you love to always experiment with new combinations and unprecedented flavors, do not miss the Wudy sushi in teriyaki sauce with sesame and wasabi!

Incredibly but true, Wudy by AIA lends itself to being the unexpected and very original ingredient for a sushi different from the usual and very tasty. This recipe combines, in fact, the teriyaki sauce (slightly bitter), with the flavor of Wudy and everything is balanced by the sweetness of honey and mango... A real delight!

So here is the complete recipe to prepare the Wudy sushi in teriyaki sauce with sesame and wasabi.



First, prepare the sauce: put the soy sauce, mirin, sugar, sake and a pinch of cornstarch in a saucepan.


Bring everything to a boil stirring constantly and, once the sauce has slightly thickened, turn off the heat.


Cook the Wudy in a hot pan for 4 minutes and, once ready, brush them with a thread of honey and pass them in the white and black sesame. Then cut them into slices that you will then arrange on the serving dish.

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The recipe for Wudy sushi in teriyaki sauce with sesame and wasabi is perfect to amaze friends during a summer dinner, but also to indulge in lunch break when you want something tasty and simple to prepare.

The extra touch? Pair this dish with a fruit cocktail made with your own hands... You won't regret it!

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