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Pizzoccheri with sausages and mushrooms

Pizzoccheri with sausages and mushrooms

Here is the tasty recipe for pizzoccheri with sausages and mushrooms!

  • Difficulty


  • Number of people


  • Total time

    25 min

Products used:


  • 100 gr di salsiccia Paesana Verzino AIA
  • 320 g di porcini mushrooms
  • parsely
  • 320 g of pizzoccheri
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 onions
  • EVO oil

Rich in tradition and taste, pizzoccheri with sausages and mushrooms are delious and easy to make.

Here is the complete recipe for  pizzoccheri with sausages and mushrooms!

After carefully washing the porcini mushrooms, cut them into small pieces. In the meantime, remove the skin from the Paesana Verzino AIA sausages and crumble them with your hands. Brown the sausages in a non-stick pan and once they are cooked, put them aside for a moment. Peel the onion and slice it into thin slices and brown in another pan with a little oil EVO.

Add also the porcini mushrooms, the bay leaf, and cook for about 5 minutes. Then add the sausage and cook for a couple of minutes. In a saucepan with plenty of salted water, boil the pizzoccheri and drain them when they are al dente. Finish cooking in the pan with mushrooms and sausage. Season with parsley and serve...buon appetito!

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