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Many tasty recipes

Tasty and light, turkey meat is perfect for making many appetizing recipes for all kinds of occasions.

The best Italian turkeys

100% Italian, controlled and fed with self-produced feed: AIA turkey is a guarantee of safety and quality.

Turkey in a thousand recipes

Follow our tips for creating irresistible dishes

No more monotony: it's time to experiment with new turkey dishes! Choose from a wide range of fresh cuts, from the Sottilissime of turkey breast to the wings, from the marrow bones to the necks.

Its versatility allows turkey meat to be prepared in a thousand ways
and to be served with different side dishes depending on the moment,
opportunities and eating habits.

Baked with potatoes, steamed, stewed or in a pan:
And to you, what’s the best way to taste turkey?

Our recipes

10 summer and tasty turkey recipes

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