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A recipe to say thank you

2020 put us to the test, physically separating us from our beloved ones. Despite everything, we kept looking for new ways to feel close, show our affection and share the most special moments. On Thanksgiving, we wanted to celebrate all those who have kept looking forward, bringing warmth and hope with just a small gesture. Thank you all.

Many tasty recipes

Tasty and light, turkey meat is perfect for making many appetizing recipes for all kinds of occasions.

The best Italian turkeys

100% Italian, controlled and fed with self-produced feed: AIA turkey is a guarantee of safety and quality.

Turkey in a thousand recipes

Follow our tips for creating irresistible dishes

No more monotony: it's time to experiment with new turkey dishes! Choose from a wide range of fresh cuts, from the Sottilissime of turkey breast to the wings, from the marrow bones to the necks.

Its versatility allows turkey meat to be prepared in a thousand ways
and to be served with different side dishes depending on the moment,
opportunities and eating habits.

Baked with potatoes, steamed, stewed or in a pan:
And to you, what’s the best way to taste turkey?

Our recipes

10 summer and tasty turkey recipes

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