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Raw processed specialties

Discover AIA poultry, a selection of tasty products easy to cook and perfect for the whole family.

Good, light and ready in no time!

Discover AIA white meats, a range of tasty products, easy to cook.

100% Italian poultry

We offer you only quality meat. Good, safe and controlled.

The safety
of AIA supply chain

From the farm to your kitchen, everything is controlled for you and your family.

A top selection of white meats

From the combination of selected meats and delicious vegetables come only delicious and tasty skewers.


Don't give up on taste,
try our Hamburgers.

Our Hamburgers are light and tasty, perfect for a balanced diet.

Italian meats

White meats

Extra tasty


Turkey burger with rosemary

Presented in the traditional American patty, it is a healthy and tasty alternative to the classic hamburger, perfect for young and old.

Turkey burger with rosemary 200g


The taste of tradition
and the pleasure of wellness.

Great alone, perfect to fill awesome sandwiches.


Only Chicken and Turkey Luganega

Delicious sausages with chicken and
turkey: ready-to-cook and ideal
for quick and light dishes.
-40% fat compared to the average of the best-selling chicken and turkey sausages
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Only Chicken and Turkey Luganega 400g


A pleasure
that makes you feel good

Who said white meat skewers can't be tasty? These skewers are prepared with ingredients suitable for everyone.


Granspiedì with Chicken and Turkey

Turkey and chicken skewers with peppers and tasty sausage ready to cook.

Granspiedì with Chicken and Turkey


Other raw specialties

Take in of taste with the other raw specialties, ideal for many tasty recipes.

Meat skewers - all methods of cooking them

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