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Good, tender and versatile

Rabbit meat is one of the most delicate and can be consumed by people of all ages.

Tender and 100% Italian, AIA rabbit meat is available in different cuts, in the classic package or in the even more convenient maxi pack, more suitable for making many light and quick recipes.

100% Italian

100% Italian rabbit from AIA integrated supply chain, which guarantees safety and quality at all stages.

Delicate taste

Tender and versatile, this white meat is suitable for all tastes and all ages.

Excellent nutritional values

Rabbit meat has excellent nutritional values that make it ideal for a balanced diet thanks to its high protein content *. * Source database CREA

Raised on the ground in runs raised from the weaning area, where to move and best express behaviors typical of the species. They have several environmental enrichments available and free access to food.

How to cook rabbit: tips and recipes


A wide variety of tasty products easy to cook to rediscover some great classics in a light and tasteful version.

Experience the unique taste of the rabbit

Tender rabbit meat to taste on any occasion, quick and light. Its characteristics make it perfect for the athletes’ diet.

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