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Keb's Chicken Kebab

A delicate chicken kebab, already cooked and sliced.

Keb's Chicken Kebab

The delicacy of Chicken encounters a typical spicy flavour, to create a light yet tasty product, ideal for preparing enticing recipes with a Mediterranean twist. Quick and easy to prepare, KEB’S CHICKEN KEBAB can be enjoyed in a traditional bread roll or turned into an imaginative main course with sauces and vegetables, to satisfy everyone’s taste, no matter what the age!

NON-STICK PAN: 3 minutes

Add 1 or 2 spoonfuls of oil to a non-stick pan placed over a high heat. When the oil is sufficiently hot, toss the Kebab in the pan for 3 minutes without reducing the heat. Serve hot.


Transfer the contents of the tray into a dish suitable for use in the microwave. Heat at the maximum temperature for about 2 minutes and serve hot. For a change, try Keb’s with a salad, dwarf beans and tomatoes! 

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