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Vitamin E

Eggs that tell of magical grandparents, always ready to amaze the grandchildren.

Pasta gialla

Eggs that color the life of good things to eat.


Eggs with a happy ending, like the story of a day in the countryside.


Eggs that take care of even the smallest stories.


Naturally good eggs, just like a simple story.

Love for eggs is a family story.

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A fragile shell that contains a precious, tasty and nutritious treasure: egg is the key ingredient for many traditional recipes. Let's take a trip across the Italian regions, at the tables where a party for the whole family starts with a simple egg.

Pasta Gialla

Free-range eggs ideal for kneading

Ligurian scents

Torta Pasqualina

Did you know that?

A savory cake of Genoese origin, The Pasqualina cake has been known since the 16th century. Making it meant glorifying the culinary skills of the housewives, who had to be able to layer thirty-three sheets of pastry, to pay homage to the years of Christ.



Did you know that?

The Apulian scarcella - a sweet donut made for Easter - is one of the symbols of rebirth. The quantity of eggs used for the recipe depended on the class of the family that made it: 3 eggs for the rich and only 1 for the poorest.

Vitamin E

Free-range eggs, high in vitamin E



Did you know that?

These sweet baskets of pasta filled with sheep's milk ricotta were prepared by Sardinian shepherds on the occasion of Easter. Made with simple and genuine ingredients, pardulas still retain all the taste of the past.

Aria Aperta

Eggs reared in the sunlight


Free-range and antibiotics-free eggs

Abruzzo and Molise


Did you know that?

During the Easter period, these delicious little bundles – typical of the culinary tradition of Abruzzo and Molise – have strips of pasta arranged in a cross, to symbolize the cross of Jesus.

Eggs: properties, cooking methods, curiosities and recipes

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