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Turkey and pork Sausage

Dakota 360g is the new AIA sausage. Fully cooked and ready in 2 minutes. A succulent turkey with pork sausage with a surprisingly unique flavour.

Turkey and Prok Sausage

Crisp outside, tender and juicy inside. GLUTEN-FREE.
Dakota is versatile, suitable for all types of preparations: from sandwiches to main courses.

IN THE MICROWAVE: 2 minutes 

Remove the product from the package, place the four sausages on a plate and heat for 2 minutes at 900 W.

BOILED: 5 minutes

Heat the sealed package in boiling water for 5 minutes.

IN A FRYING PAN: 8 minutes

Remove the product from the package and place it in a preheated non-stick pan. Add 2 tablespoonsful of water and heat for 8-10 minutes over medium heat, turning frequently.

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