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Very thin breaded chicken

Crisp and thin chicken breast fillet cutlet



Cooking methods

  • In the pan

    1 min

  • In the oven

    6 min


Crunchy AIA chicken breast fillet cutlet & nbsp; ready & nbsp; in one minute. 100% Italian meat for a tasty and very quick second course to prepare. & nbsp;

SAUCE IN A PAN : & nbsp; 1 minute
To serve the Schnitzel hot and golden, arrange it with a drizzle of oil or with a knob of butter in a non-stick pan and cook for 1 & nbsp; minute . & nbsp;

& nbsp;

BAKED CRISPY : 6 minutes
Bring the convection oven to 170 ° and place the Sottilissime in a baking dish without condiments. Then put them in the already very hot oven for 6 & nbsp; minutes , turning them halfway through cooking.

Crispy frying - the secret to cutlets


Chicken Nagghy

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