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Speck Cordon Bleu

The slightly smoky taste of the speck together with the chicken and turkey, and the filling of pancetta and cheese, really make these Speck Cordon Bleu from AIA something special.



Cooking methods

  • In the pan

    6 min

  • In the oven

    8 min

You can combine them with a side of grilled Treviso radicchio and some potato puffs. Serve the Speck Cordon Bleu:

BROWNED IN A PAN: 6 minutes
To serve the Cordonbleu tender and golden-brown, add a drizzle of oil or dab of butter in a non-stick pan and cook them for 6 minutes, turning them over several times.

OVEN-CRISPED: 8 minutes
Pre-heat the convection oven to 220° and arrange the Cordonbleu in a baking dish; do not season. Place the dish in the pre-heated oven for 8 minutes, turning over at the halfway point.

Ingredients for 4 people:

- 4 Speck Cordon Bleu
- 3 medium potatoes
- 1 level teaspoon of cumin seed
- Butter
- Salt

Peel the potatoes, grate them using a large-holed grater, and place in a bowl. Add a bit of salt and the cumin seeds. Mix well and divide the mixture into small balls. Lightly butter a pan and heat it; place 2-3 balls into the pan so that they do not touch, and use a spatula to flatten them out, producing disks about 6 cm in diameter. Cook on both sides until they are golden brown and crisp.  Meanwhile, cook the Cordonbleu as directed on the package and serve accompanied by the potato puffs.

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