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BonRoll Classic

Ready-to-bake loaf of white-meat chicken and turkey.

Cooking methods

  • In the oven

    70 minutes

  • In the pan

    15 minutes

A traditional, home-style taste, complete but with a lightness and a balanced amount of protein of the white-meat chicken and turkey. This elegant-looking dish is a perfect main course for anyone fond of meatloaf; this new, modern, balanced version is a pleasure to eat with seasonal vegetables, salad or legumes.

IN THE OVEN: 70 minutes
Add a little oil and half a cup of water or white wine to a baking dish; bake the BonRoll in the 180° oven for 70 minutes, covering it for the first 70 minutes.

For faster cooking SLICED, IN A FRYING PAN:
Slice the BonRoll about 2 cm thick. Brown for 1 minute in a non-stick pan with a little butter.
Add 1/2 cup of white wine and cook for 15 minutes on low heat, covered, turning often.

BonRoll, all the ways to cook it

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