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Light menu

Light menu of the week: here are all the recipes

From Monday to Sunday, here are many recipes for a light weekly menu!

If you want to stay fit during the week but you need some inspiration in the kitchen, we have what got you covered: many recipes for a light menu of the week! Along with some physical activity, both at home and outdoors, by choosing the right workout, it is also necessary to go for a lighter weekly menu.

From Monday to Sunday, here is the light menu of the week, to stay fit without sacrificing taste!

Light weekly menu: Monday

Start the week by treating yourself to a cake ... without butter! This is the pumpkin pie that will give you the right amount of energy and good humor to start the week without giving up on taste! At lunch, fill your bento box with grilled cabbage rolls with turkey, light and delicious at the same time. For dinner, you can go for a quick and easy recipe: eggs with salmon in cocotte!

Light weekly menu: Tuesday

Start the day with a fruit smoothie: from strawberry to apple ones, you have plenty of choice! For lunch, enjoy a light and delicious endive boats with Spinacine cutlet sticks, while for dinner go for a turkey and aubergine millefeuille with a surprise sauce based on AIA aeQuilibrium products.

Light weekly menu: Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, enjoy some rusks spreaded with apricot jam (preferably homemade) to start the day with a burst of flavor. For lunch, fill your box with a nice chicken salad and for dinner, prepare something that warms you up: a light chicken soup with coconut milk!

Light weekly menu: Thursday

On Thursday morning, a fruit or vegetable detox drink will be a real cure-all. For lunch, enjoy a sweet paprika wafer aeQuilibrium salad, while for dinner opt for a very tasty (and really easy to prepare) oven-baked skewer with soy and sesame honey glaze!

Light weekly menu: Friday

On Friday morning, start the day with a slice of apple pie, while at lunch fill your bento with lemon chicken, mango and mint. To stay fit, opt for a turkey salad with dried fruit and pomegranate for dinner, instead.

Light weekly menu: Saturday

Start the weekend in the name of taste: enjoy a slice of cheesecake! For lunch, focus on lightness and have a tasty soup with chicken nuggets. For dinner, we recommend a chicken salad with cherry tomatoes and green beans: delicious and really easy to prepare!

Light weekly menu: Sunday

On Sunday morning, treat yourself to a hearty breakfast: pancakes will be the perfect start for your rest day! For lunch, however, a very easy recipe: artichokes and parmesan sauce on aeQuilibrium while, for dinner, a tasty chicken with artichokes!

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