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Eggs: the complete guide

Properties, cooking methods, curiosities: all this and much more in the AIA guide dedicated to eggs. Find out here!

Eggs are noble foods, rich in nutritional properties, proteins and vitamins.
In the AIA egg guide you will discover all the benefits of this precious food and you will learn to bring it to the table in an always different way, but with the same taste.

The varieties of eggs - from the Oro Natura ones, suitable for all preparations, up to the Yellow Pastel ones, ideal for doughs - are numerous and, thanks to this guide, you will learn to recognize them and choose the best ones for each recipe.

Although eggs are often the protagonists of many recipes, they also lend themselves to the preparation of other courses. They are useful for breading, binding, to make sauces soft and creamy or to give lightness and flavor to desserts.

Eggs are good at any time of the day: from breakfast, both sweet and savory, to lunch, dinner and even for a snack with fragrant biscuits and delicious cakes.

I can cook really complicated recipes, but it takes a real talent to do the perfect egg.

Christine Teigen

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Eggs: the properties of the yolk

Rich in good fatty acids, egg yolk is rich in proteins and nutrients important for the proper functioning of the body.

Like some types of fish, eggs are rich in Omega3, fats friendly to well-being and with a natural anti-inflammatory power. Eggs are also rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Eggs are full of vitamins, especially those of group B and the well-known vitamin D that takes care of the bones. Perfect for traditional preparations, the yolk is also ideal for creative recipes such as risotto alla carbonara!

Eggs: the properties of the egg white

Egg white also contains numerous properties beneficial for the body, starting with proteins, B vitamins and magnesium. The egg white is completely fat-free while containing a very high protein value, and that is why it is always present in the nutrition of athletes and those who aim to stay fit. Find out here all the ways to use egg white in the kitchen!

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