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Crispy frying

Crispy frying - the secret to cutlets

The cutlet is excellent only when we are able to make a crisp and light fry! Here are all the secrets!

The cutlet is one of those dishes that many consider simple and banal, and instead we can say with certainty that it requires great attention and skill. Above all, a certain skill is required to obtain the primary characteristic of the cutlet; or a crispy fry. And this is where the golden rules for making crispy frying come into play.

As a premise to obtain a crispy frying, the advice is to use the Sottilissime AIA, so that cooking is faster and easier and the final result is an even lighter cutlet.
Before indicating the guidelines for crispy frying, we remind you that, if you do not have time to prepare the breading, but you have an irrepressible desire for cutlet, you can choose from the vast range of AIA cooked specialties, designed for those who want to quality in a short time.

Crispy frying: oil

frittura croccante olio

First you need to choose the right oil for frying. You need one that can withstand high temperatures and has a high smoke point (i.e. the temperature that an oil must never exceed otherwise it burns). The most appropriate is peanut oil because it has a high smoke point and a flavor that does not prevail over the food that is fried. Obviously, extra virgin olive oil is fine too, but it has an intense flavor and in the opinion of many it has a high cost for this use.
Finally, the oil must be abundant because otherwise, when the cutlet is placed in the pan, the temperature of the oil will tend to drop quickly and the breading of the meat will remain greasy and not very crunchy.

Crispy frying: the pan
Not everyone has a deep fryer at home, while the pan is an indispensable kitchen tool. The most suitable for frying is the iron one because it allows a more gradual heating of the oil. The ideal pan is wide, low and with straight edges. A viable alternative is the steel pan.

Crispy frying: breading
The best breading is achieved by using eggs, breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan. Here's how to do it: beat the eggs with a little salt, pepper and parsley. Dip the meat in the eggs and let it rest for ten minutes immersed in the mixture. In another bowl, mix the breadcrumbs with the grated cheese. Pass the meat from the egg to the breadcrumbs, squeezing both sides well. In a pan, heat the seed oil and only when it is hot put the meat to fry for a few minutes on each side.
A little trick is to carve the meat into the edges, to prevent it from making strange creases during cooking and to help the breading stay adherent.

Crispy frying: the quantity
To prevent the slices of meat from sticking or the breading to come off or, even worse, from lowering the temperature of the oil, you will need to dose the quantities and not to fry too many cutlets at a time (also based on the size of the pan).

Crispy frying: do not fry
If the oil you are using to fry your cutlets turns black, replace it with new oil. Never re-fry the oil to avoid culinary disasters or digestive problems. And speaking of culinary disasters, don't miss the tricks to save the unsavable of your burnt dishes.

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