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10 summer and tasty turkey recipes

Here are many yummy turkey-based summer recipes. Try them all!

There are so many turkey-based recipes and you can always have fun creating different and original ones in no time. Perfect for your lunch box to take to work or on the beach, these turkey-based summer recipes are also perfect for a summer lunch in the garden with friends or family, for a romantic dinner if you want to amaze your sweetheart with something genuine. You can even create dream snacks for an aperitif, a cocktail party or a surprise party. The recipes we want to offer you are really easy to prepare and the result is guaranteed!

Here are 10 tasty summer turkey recipes for you to try!

Turkey-based summer recipes: turkey strips with cherry tomatoes

The recipe for turkey strips with cherry tomatoes is a fresh and delicious second course: perfect for a summer lunch with friends, it will allow you to enjoy something delicious in no time! To make the perfect turkey strips with cherry tomatoes, use a pack of AIA turkey strips, a whole white onion, 10 cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh parsley, salt, pepper and follow this simple recipe!

Turkey summer recipes: salad with pineapple and turkey

insalata con ananas e tacchino

Among the many salads that you can prepare in the summer, there is one that will charm you with its goodness and lightness: the salad with pineapple and turkey, an exquisite recipe for a summer lunch with friends in the garden, on the beach or on the terrace. You can combine the pineapple and turkey salad with a homemade fruit cocktail or even a glass of extra fresh beer. The recipe of the salad with pineapple and turkey is perfect for staying fit and all you will need to prepare it are 400 gr of slices of AIA turkey breast, 300 gr of potatoes, 300 gr of pineapple, 200 gr of curly salad, white vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, salt, mustard.

Summer turkey recipes: grilled turkey breast with corn on the cob in foil

Perfect for staying fit during the summer season, this recipe is ideal for filling your lunch box, delighting guests during a barbecue or a lunch in the garden: tasteful and easy to make! How to prepare a delicious grilled turkey breast with corn on the cob in foil? All you have to do is get 1 pack of AIA turkey Sottilissime, 4 precooked corn on the cob, 50 grams of butter, lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of chilli powder, parsley, pepper and follow this simple recipe!

Summer turkey recipes: Pumpkin and turkey meatballs

polpette di zucca e tacchino

Pumpkin and turkey meatballs are the ideal appetizer to prepare at a cocktail party in the garden, a poolside party or as an appetizer for a dinner with friends, during which to sip a good glass of wine or a homemade cocktail . Preparing the pumpkin and turkey meatballs is child's play if you have 300 g of AIA Turkey Breast Bites, 300 g of yellow pumpkin, 80 g of breadcrumbs, 60 g of grated Parmesan cheese, 1 egg, salt, pepper, mint, extra virgin olive oil and you will follow this recipe!

Turkey-based summer recipes: light turkey tuna sauce

Turkey in tuna sauce is a delicious dish full of flavor, very quick and easy to prepare, which will help you solve many last-minute dinners. Turkey in tuna sauce is so light that will allow you to stay fit during the summer season, without sacrificing taste. It is an excellent solution for a lunch at the office since it can be prepared the day before, stored in the fridge and then eaten at room temperature or even slightly heated in the microwave. To prepare it, get AIA Turkey Breast Sottilissime, sage leaves, 1 clove of garlic, half a carrot, EVO oil, salt, pepper, 1 boiled egg, tuna in oil, 1 anchovy, the juice of 1 lemon, desalted capers, seed oil and follow our recipe!

Turkey-based summer recipes: turkey stew

spezzatino di tacchino

With the turkey stew with potatoes and peas you will prepare a second course in no time and you will serve your guests a genuine and tasty dish. To prepare a very tasty turkey stew, use this simple recipe!

Turkey-based summer recipes: light turkey ragout

This light turkey sauce recipe is easy to prepare: you can finally indulge the desire for a rich pasta without sacrificing taste. Prepare the turkey ragout in advance and store it in the refrigerator in a hermetically sealed jar, so that it is ready for any occasion. You can also freeze the turkey ragout, to season Sunday noodles without spending hours in front of the stove. Choose the turkey ragout to prepare an excellent lasagna or an original filling for tortellini or even tortelli.

Summer turkey recipes: turkey nuggets with lemon

The lemon turkey nuggets recipe is quick and tasty, suitable for any season and easy to prepare. The turkey nuggets with lemon have a delicate and pleasant flavor thanks to the freshness of the citrus. Flavored with rosemary, the nuggets can be served to those who want a light but at the same time nutritious meal.

Summer turkey recipes: turkey breast Pizzaiola

fesa di tacchino alla pizzaiola

The turkey breast Pizzaiola is a very simple second course to prepare, which will allow you to always make a great impression with your guests during a summer lunch or dinner. The delicate taste of turkey together with the tomato sauce is always appreciated, even as a second course for a Sunday lunch, or a dinner with friends while watching the game on TV.

Turkey Summer Recipes: Turkey nuggets with peas and baby carrots

Quick and easy to prepare, turkey chunks with peas and baby carrots are the ideal and tasty solution for dream lunches and dinners. Also perfect for filling your summer lunch box, the turkey nuggets with peas and baby carrots will win for their delicacy and unique flavor.

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