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The best meats and greatest ingredients: this is what AIA offers you every day with its products: quick to cook, easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Try all the ranges of AIA products: from its special brands BonRoll, Wudy, aeQuilibrium and Carne al Fuoco to meat specialties, eggs, cold cuts, breaded products and much more. Scroll through all our products and choose your favorite!
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AeQuilibrium products, made using top-quality ingredients, combine the taste of cold cuts with the lightness of white meat. They will help you maintain the right aequilibrium in a complete and balanced diet, without giving up taste. From cold cuts to eggs, reach your favorite aeQuilibrium!

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WUDY weiners are ideal any time of the day thanks, quick to cook and with a unique and incomparable: discover AIA WUDY, the very first chicken-and-turkey wiener.

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Serve your favorite BonRoll: there are many different versions, all with the same, unique taste. With each BonRoll making a tasteful poultry meatloaf is easy: to always make a good impression!

BonRoll is a classic and there is one for each taste: with spinach, with speck, with radicchio and smoked cheese. Choose your favorite!

BonRoll is perfect for those who want to serve a tasteful dish to their family: try all our special editions!

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Breast or thigh?

Choose the best chicken cut for your recipe. Go for simplicity and lightness with the sliced chicken breast or spoil your appetite with a roasted chicken and potatoes.This poultry will make each course a real success!

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Carne al Fuoco line includes many pork and beef specialties ready for the grill, to satisfy the most difficult tastes. From sausages to skewers, to hamburgers and mixed grills, choose your “Carne al Fuoco”!

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Lean and light, turkey can be eaten by the whole family. Choose your favorite cut of meat and use your creativity: in the pan, roasted or grilled with millions of side dishes, turkey’s meat is perfect for any occasion!

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Red Meat

With AIA red meat you can make any kind of recipe, from the quickest to the most elaborated.
Choose among different cuts of pork and beef to play around in the kitchen and serve flavorful dishes!

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Rabbit meat is one of the most delicate and can be consumed by people of all ages.

Tender and 100% Italian, AIA rabbit meat is available in different cuts, in the classic package or in the even more convenient maxi pack, more suitable for making many light and quick recipes.

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Breaded specialties

A range of cooked specialties, ready in a minute.

Genuine and tasty dishes prepared for you to save time and have fun while cooking.

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Raw processed specialties

Discover AIA poultry, a selection of tasty products easy to cook and perfect for the whole family.

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Christmas specialties

AIA makes your festivities special. During Christmas time, AIA offers Capons, Imperiali, Dindarelle, Turkeys and the most traditional Christmas Chicken.

AIA also features Ripieni: Chicken, Guinea Hen, Rabbit and Turkey Breast Fillet already stuffed, ready to pop into the oven and enjoy with your beloved ones.

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Egg is a noble food, source of proteins and vitamins essential for our nutrition. Discover all AIA eggs: a fresh and safe product for many delicious, high in protein recipes.

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Yolk or egg white? With the handy AIA packaged eggs you will make many recipes in a quick and simple way. Each pack contains only 100% Italian eggs, pasteurized and homogenized, to use a controlled and genuine product.

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Are you looking for something tasty but quick? Make delicious omelettes with AIA eggs. Choose your favorite ingredients and customize this easy but tasty dish!

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Frozen products

Many of your favorite AIA products in a frozen version: Spinacine, Cordon Bleu, chicken, turkey, chicken kebab and much more. Bring to your table the unique taste of AIA specialties!

Combinations, cooking methods, recipes: all you need to know about breaded products!

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