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History and innovation

History and innovation of AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare, since its birth in 1968 to this day.



The great adventure of AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare, starts at the end of the ‘60s. Destined to become one of the most important brands of the Italian agroindustrial division, its name had been associated with the high quality and food safety of poultry, right from the outset.


Did you say AIA chicken?

AIA has always given great importance to communication: right from the start it channelled its product advertising through TV commercials. Back in 1970, it entered Italian homes with a commercial starring AIA's earliest product: chicken. And what a chicken! It immediately won everyone's appreciation with its flavour.

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WUDY, the first chicken wiener sausage

The AIA family grew to adopt a product that was destined to seduce the palates and hearts of Italian consumers: Wudy. Light and delicious, this was the first chicken wiener sausage: no words can describe the goodness of Wudy! 

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Here come Spinacine

In 1990 AIA launched Spinacine: a chicken or turkey escalope with tasty spinach leaves, coated with crispy breadcrumbs. Make way for flavour, make way for Spinacine AIA!

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Hello BonRoll!

Onto the Italians' dinner table came BonRoll, the oven-ready white meat roast with a tasty filling. Even the most inexpert cooks could now serve up a delicious roast.


Find a new aeQuilibrium

Flavour and lightness find a new balance thanks to aeQuilibrium. A product line in which AIA makes cold cuts lighter by using poultry meat. For those wishing to eat well and follow a light diet, without having to give up on flavour, from today, the solution is aeQuilibrium.

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Cuochi d'Italia

AIA presents a series of commercials and a new web campaign where its products star in several culinary challenges. Italian food lovers duel with one another using original recipes: these are the challenges of “Cuochi d’Italia”!

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Happy 50th Birthday, AIA!

AIA celebrates its 50th birthday. Came into the houses and on the tables of the Italians to let them taste the quality of its poultry, AIA keeps its focus on tradition as well as innovation.


Growing up together

From 1968, we've brought joy on the Italians’ tables with our high-quality products. Everything starts from tradition but we never forget about innovation: Italians change and so do their tables. Watch the playlist with all our commercials and see how we grew up with you!
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