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Risotto with sausage, the irresistible recipe

Risotto with sausage, the irresistible recipe

Here is the full recipe for risotto with sausage!

Cooking time: 
20 Minutes
Preparation time: 
10 Minutes
Total time: 
30 Minutes


  • 240 g AIA salsiccia paesana verzino (AIA country-style Verzino sausage)

  • 320 g carnaroli rice

  • 40 g butter

  • stock

  • grated cheese

  • 1 onion, finely chopped

  • red wine


What about some tasty comfort food for winter evenings? Risotto with sausage is not only simple to make but also full of flavour and character! So, if you have invited friends for supper and you wish to impress them with a satisfying winter dish, risotto with sausage fits the bill! Bearing in mind the mistakes to avoid when making the perfect risotto and all the useful tips including the art of creaming it with butter and parmesan, here is the full recipe for risotto with sausage!

In a roomy pan, heat the butter, add the finely chopped onion and gently fry for a few seconds. Now add the sausage with its casing removed and its meat broken up into small crumbly pieces. Cook until the sausage meat turns brown. Now add the carnaroli rice and mix well with a wooden spoon. Add one glass of red wine and continue to cook until it evaporates. Now gradually add the hot stock a little at a time. When the rice is done, remove the pan from the heat and add 4 spoonfuls of grated cheese and a knob of butter for extra creaminess: this is how to cream your risotto perfectly! Plate up and serve nice and hot. Enjoy!