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BonRoll with pumpkin sauce

BonRoll with pumpkin sauce

Here is an original and tasty way to serve BonRoll with a pumpkin sauce!

Product used

BonRoll Classic

Cooking time: 
70 Minutes
Preparation time: 
15 Minutes
Total time: 
85 Minutes


  • 1 AIA BonRoll Classico

  • 1 orange pumpkin or squash

  • rocket or lettuce leaves to taste

  • 1 garlic clove

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • rosemary to taste

  • walnuts to taste

  • 2 green apples


There is always a festive mood when you serve BonRoll and, even though there are many different recipes and ways of cooking it, it makes a particularly welcome and comforting meal in the Autumn season. The recipe for BonRoll with pumpkin sauce is inspired by the typical colours of this season, making it a simple main course to be enjoyed in good company. This is a simple recipe to prepare in which pumpkin, one of the season’s most delicious ingredients, gives AIA BonRoll Classico a subtle yet irresistible flavour. Serve the BonRoll with pumpkin sauce for Sunday lunch, a romantic supper or an Autumn dinner with friends…it is sure to be a success!

Here is the full recipe for delicious BonRoll with pumpkin sauce!


After removing the outer skin and inner fibres, dice the pumpkin and gently fry it in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic and a sprig of rosemary. After a few minutes, add a glass of water and cook until the pumpkin flesh is soft. Then blend the pumpkin into a smooth cream. Cook the AIA BonRoll Classico in the oven or in a pan, before cutting it into slices. Prepare the salad (or rocket leaves if you prefer), add the walnuts and slices of crisp apple. Dress the salad with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.