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Rabbit Fillets

Rabbit Fillets

Rabbit fillets, 100% Italian, tender, ready to cook.

Cooking method: 
In a frying pan
Product Code: 
Weight per pack: 
340 G CA.
Weight per box: 
3,90kg CA.
Pieces per pack: 
Packs per box: 

Here’s an AIA idea for Rabbit Fillets:

Rabbit Fillets with Mushrooms

Preparation time: 50 minutes
For 4 people

in a pan heat 30 g of butter, garlic and rosemary, and the rabbit fillets, and sauté over high heat on all sides. When the meat is nicely browned, add the white wine and let reduce for 5 minutes.

Then salt, cover and continue cooking for 15 minutes. Remove the meat and keep it warm. Remove the garlic and rosemary from the pan and add the sliced mushrooms.

Cook together for about 10 minutes, uncovered. When done, turn off the heat and add the remaining butter. Arrange the fillets sliced thin in a circle and put the mushrooms in the centre.

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