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Sottilissime Slices

Sottilissime Slices

Super-thin beef slices.

Cooking method: 
In frying pan
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Weight per pack: 
325 G CA.
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AIA Sottilissime Beef Slices are perfect for creating a simple dish that is ready in two minutes.

IN A PAN: 2-3 minutes

Ideal for quick preparations; try making involtini with them as well. Sottilissime slices are the ideal solution for serving tasty slices of meat ready in two minutes. These AIA slices are thin enough so that they cook in a few minutes. Turn on the heat and brown them for just two minutes: dress with a drizzle of oil, and you’ll have a tasty dish ready to serve.

These super-thin slices are also perfect for making delicious involtini: create your favourite stuffing, roll them up and you can be certain that your involtini will be well done.

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