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Turkey Döner Kebab

Turkey Döner Kebab

Fine Turkey slivers, pre-cooked and frozen.

Cooking method: 
Frying pan, oven or microwave
Product Code: 
Weight per pack: 
1000g STD
Weight per box: 
4kg STD
Pieces per pack: 
Packs per box: 

The delicate taste of Turkey encounters the characteristic flavour of spices to create a light yet delicious product, ideal for preparing imaginative, tantalizing recipes of Mediterranean inspiration. Quick and easy to prepare, Kebab Turkey Doner can be enjoyed in a traditional bread roll or as an inspired main course served with sauces and vegetables, to pander to everyone’s taste, no matter what the age! A FROZEN FOOD PRODUCT.

IN THE PAN: 2 minutes
(for 100g of product) place the kebab in a previously heated frying pan, without adding any type of seasoning or fat. Gently fry for about 2 minutes, taking care to turn the product over frequently.

IN A FAN OVEN: 2 minutes
(for 100g of product) place the Kebab in an oven dish and cook the product for about 2 minutes at maximum temperature (approx. 240°C).

(for 100g of product) place the Kebab in a dish suitable for use in microwave ovens and cook the product for 40 seconds using the crisp function.

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