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Retail - Turkey Cordon Bleu

Chicken-and-turkey cutlets, with a soft double filling of prosciutto and cheese.

Cooking method: 
In frying pan or oven
Product Code: 
Weight per pack: 
490g STD
Weight per box: 
2,94kg STD
Pieces per pack: 
Packs per box: 

A classic ready to enjoy, perfect for anyone who likes white meat, presented here in a flavoursome, modern version. Comes in the convenient Family size.

Cook the AIA Cordon Bleu Classico:

BROWNED IN A PAN: 6 minutes
To serve the Cordonbleu tender and golden-brown, add a drizzle of oil or dab of butter in a non-stick pan and cook them for 6 minutes, turning them over several times.

OVEN-CRISPED: 8 minutes
Pre-heat the convection oven to 220° and arrange the Cordonbleu in a baking dish; do not season. Place the dish in the pre-heated oven for 8 minutes, turning over at the halfway point.

AIA suggests:

For 2 people:

- One package Cordonbleu,
- 50 g parboiled rice,
- One tablespoonful of curry,
- 30g of burro,
- One level tablespoonful of chopped onion,
- Salt,
- White wine,
- One level tablespoonful of potato starch.

Cook the rice in boiling, salted water. Drain well and fill oiled crème-caramel moulds or small bowls, packing the rice in. Soften the onion in butter; before it browns, add the wine, then the curry and potato starch diluted with the wine, and add the curry and diluted starch with a few drops of water. This will give the sauce the right consistency. Serve the Cordonbleu, cooked separately according to the instructions on the package, accompanied by the sauce and the unmoulded rice.

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