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Retail - Chicken Fillet Nuggets

Retail - Chicken Fillet Nuggets

Tender bites of nugget-shaped chicken breast made crunchy with a fine breading.

Cooking method: 
In frying pan or oven
Product Code: 
Weight per pack: 
800g CA.
Weight per box: 
3,20kg CA.
Pieces per pack: 
Packs per box: 

A perfect dish to add a festive touch to a family meal or as a snack with some friends. Comes in the Retail pack.

Cook the AIA Chicken Nagghy:

BROWNED IN A PAN: 6 minutes
To serve the Nagghy hot and golden-brown, add a drizzle of oil or dab of butter in a non-stick pan and cook them for 6 minutes, turning them over several times.

OVEN-CRISPED: 8 minutes
Pre-heat the convection oven to 220° and arrange the Nagghy in a baking dish; do not season. Place the dish in the pre-heated oven for 8 minutes.

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