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Turkey AIA


The AIA Christmas Turkey, good conformation, without feet, neck or head and completely eviscerated.

Cooking method: 
In the oven
Product Code: 
Weight per pack: 
4000 CA.
Weight per box: 
Pieces per pack: 
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Celebrate with AIA and cook the Turkey this way:



- 1 AIA Turkey
- 150g lean pancetta sliced thin
- 60g butter
- 3 tablespoons oil 
- Salt,
- Freshly ground pepper
- A few sage and bay leaves
- 3 ripe pomegranates

Preparation: wrap the Turkey with the pancetta slices, tying them on so they do not come off during cooking; place in a baking pan with butter, oil, salt, pepper and a sage and a bay leaf. Roast at 190° for 2 hours, basting occasionally with the pan juices. At the halfway point, pour the juice of 2 pomegranates over the AIA Turkey. When done, carve into serving portions and arrange on a heated platter, pouring the cooking juices over. Garnish with the third pomegranate and serve immediately.

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