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The new AIA website is online!

AIA now has a totally new site! From today, you can visit the AIA website to discover all the items in the Brand’s vast product family or get to know about AIA’s special offers to consumers, and that’s not all.
Through the new site, AIA sets out to provide all consumers with a complete overview of its activities and to publicly share the values that have always guided this firm’s activity, making it one of Italy’s best loved brands. You may be curious to learn about the AIA story, watch the brand’s early commercials and find those products which have occupied a place of honour on the tables of Italian families since 1970.  

Stay tuned to all the contests and news from the world of AIA, in the section entitled News and Contests, you can keep on top of the novelties and instructions for participating in the numerous contests run by AIA!

The new AIA website would not be complete, of course, without a compendium of recipes! There will be a huge selection for all tastes, quick and easy recipes or more elaborate ones to challenge the keenest foodies. They are all excellent solutions for family meals and ideal for getting the most out of AIA products. In the Recipes section, you will find the right idea for any occasion, from lunch to dinner, as well as nibbles for serving with an aperitif, breakfast, desserts and even brunch.

The AIA website really has something for everyone so be sure to make it your own particular favourite.